Android Developer Days will take place in Metu Cultural and Convention Center . Metu Cultural and Convention Center is in Metu Campus. Metu Campus is 7 km away from downtown, 45 km away from airport and 4 km away from bus terminal. There are all kind of transportation facilities(taxi, shared taxi, public transportation vehicle) in between downtown and Metu Campus.

Tel +90 312 210 4151
Fax +90 312 210 1008


Venue is located in the Middle East Technical University. It is 20-25 min. with Minibus away from the city center (Kizilay). Minibus is a kind of small bus and it costs 2 TL to transfer from any location to target location. You can pay to the driver. You can stay in hotels located in Kizilay. There are many options for the hotels. Take a look at the for hotels located in Kizilay. You can also stay in a hotel located in Middle East Technical University. You can always get help from Android Developer Days team for the travel and hotel info.