Interview with Matt Sullivan


Next interview is done with Matt Sullivan by Aygul Zagidullina. Thank you very much Aygul for the interviews :)

Tell us a little bit about your average Android development day or your work day :)

Matt: As a Developer Advocate my activities can vary quite a bit from day to day. A large portion of my time is Android focused, but I also work with web and server-side, and even some iOS from time to time!

What would you say are the ingredients for a successful app?

Matt: There are so many facets to app design, presentation and marketing that it’s impossible to quantify how to make a successful app across all genres. However, I feel that motivation is at the core of a successful fitness app. Getting people motivated to exercise or eat better is a difficult task. A fitness app should encourage users to live healthier and provide smart and timely guidance to help users take the kinds of exercise right for them, taking into account both the user’s fitness data and their preferences; an app won’t get far by suggesting a physical activity that a user might hate. Successfully motivate a user and that user will engage more with your app.

What your talk at ADD this year will be about?

Matt: My talk will focus on thinking about new kinds of fitness apps, ones that aren’t simply stats trackers, ones that focus on novel ways to motivate users. I also want to explore how existing apps can incorporate fitness elements that aren’t fitness focused.

Your talk at ADD will look at the fitness data incorporated into novel experiences. Can you describe briefly just how dramatic this revolution has been recently?

Matt: Since the launch of the Google Fit and Apple’s HealthKit, there have been apps released that take new approaches to promoting user fitness. Lark engages the user in a conversation and resembles a chat app more than a fitness app. Max: My Fitness Dog combines gaming, wearables and fitness components to provide a virtual pet on your wrist that encourages physical exercise. These are examples of a new wave of apps that take novel approaches to keeping us fit and healthy.

What are you most looking forward to at ADD?

Matt: The enthusiasm from the community for attending ADD this year has been amazing and I’m glad I can be a part of the event. There’s a great line-up of speakers this year and I’m looking forward to attending as many of the sessions as I can. I’ve also never been to Turkey and am looking forward to seeing it firsthand!

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