April Newsletter: Workshops,Hackathon and Featured Speakers


Welcome to the April newsletter :) We will be sharing updates with you in this newsletter.


Bring your computer with you and start to code ;). There will be several workshops this year.

  • ANDROID 101 : Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to IOS
  • CardBoard
  • Unity
  • Beacon and BLE
  • Polymer
  • Android Wear


On 11-12 May at Android Developer Days there will a hachathon in Ankara which is a series of Hackingfest. Developers will code during 24 hours to create a mobile application. There won’t be any restrictions about mobile platform or idea.

If you want to attend this event and gain experience and win surprise prizes do not forget to register !

To view all speakers announced till now, please click here !


Please look at the Sponsors page to see the latest updates. All sponsors are listed here in e-mail version of this press bulletin.

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