Android Developer Days 2015 Journey Has Started


Challenge has started for Android Developer Days 2015 and lets be together in this journey. Android Developer Days is going to take place in METU Cultural and Convention Center, Ankara, Turkey on May 11/12 2015. It is again free and open to everyone. GDGs (İstanbul, Eskişehir, Konya, Ankara, Düzce, Sivas and İzmir) in Turkey and METU IEEE takes part in organization committee of ADD. Moreover, we are again open to add new organizers to conference. Let’s be together and grow this community event together.

How was ADD 2014?

International (34) and local (25) speakers shared their knowledge and experiences about current and new mobile technologies. 29 GDGs from all around the world collaborated for this event to make it happen. The event was a blast with 2053+ attendees. Hackathon, sponsored by Turkcell,Nokia Developer and Alcatel One Touch, was organized as a subevent. In addition, hundreds of books, notebooks and bags were given away. 17 smartphones delivered to attendees. Shovel board game, Kinect Games, Virtual Reality Games and Mobile Games were played by attendees which makes the event more fun.

The time for ADD 2015

Support Community to Be Together

ADD is an Open Conference. Support the community and ADD to grow the community. Lets be together ! Bigger and richer ADD will be more beneficial to all of us. This conference is organized by volunteer people to improve the knowledge, experience and also expand the vision of attendees, so in order to make it more beneficial for community, you can support this conference. As a result if you want to be part of this organization and support it just keep in touch via Lastly, here is the registration page of ADD 2015, you can register for free.

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