HackingFest Ankara

On 11-12 May at METU CCC there will be a mobile hackathon which will take place in Android Developer Days as a Hackathon series named Hackingfest. Developers will have 24 hours to create apps and there will be no restrictions about development platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc)! and idea Smart Cities, Internet of things, Wearables or whatever you want. Foods and drinks will be supplied by our sponsors all along the 24 hours.In the end teams will present their apps to the jury and winners will get surprise prizes. Team can be Induvidual attendee or up to three members. Attendee number will be limited and deadline for joining is 26 April 2015 on Sunday. On 3 May applicants will be informed about preselections.If you want to meet new people, win prizes, gain experience and share the excitement of the competition by joining the event, fill the form and register to Hackingfest Ankara now!
1.Team: Samsung Galaxy S6 + 1000TL Gift Card
2.Team: Sony Xperia Z3+750TL Gift Card
3.Team: General Mobile Discovery Air+500TL Gift Card


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Deadline for Join : 26 April Sunday
Preselections for Teams : 3 May Sunday
Program :
Hackingfest Ankara Start : 11 May Monday 13:00
Hackingfest Ankara Finish : 12 May Tuesday 13:00
Jury Presentations : 12 May Tuesday 14:00
Winner's ceremony : 12 May Tuesday 16:00
Venue:METU CCC, Ankara
Details and Rules
*You can join with a team of up to three people to Mobile Hackathon.
*Mobil Hackathon will last 24 hours starting on May 11 at 13:00 at METU CCC and ending on May 12 at 13:00.
*First, second and a third teams will be given surprise gifts. Gifts will be announced later.
*All apps should be finished at the end of hackathon
*Jury will choose winners according to this criterias: Creativity, software quality, usability.
*Winners will be announced at the end of hackathon.
*Participants are expected not to leave the hackathon hall.
*Apps to be developed from scratch in 24 hours.
*Pre-written codes should not been used.
*All of the code should be written within the scope of Mobile Hackathon.
*Make sure that participants can find app idea or collect any raw data or learn how to implement the idea before the hackathon.
*All rights about the app or app idea belong to their developers or owners.
*Participants can use any third party library or source code etc.
*Participants can use any technology that they want.
Participants can use any mobile platform (Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc)!*All drinks and foods will be provided for free during the hackathon.
*Competitiors should bring their own computers.
*At the end of hackathon, resulting products may be added to an accessible network place in the desired format.
*Jury presentations can be max five minutes.
*Organizer team keeps the right to change prizes.