What is Android Developer Days?

Android Developer Days is an open conference becoming an international organization every passing years and including developments of mobile, web, server and software technologies and sharing of future foresights about the area. Participation is totally open and free to all companies and participants to reach high diverseness.

Why Do We Organize Android Developer Days?

We are organizing android developer days in order to contribute in the development of our environment and world in the field of technology. If you want to contribute in ADD as much as you can, you can contact with us on contact@androiddeveloperdays.com mail address.

What is the aim of ADD 2015?

Android Developer Days is aimed to be well known with high quality event where attendees can have fun and learn new technologies. Attendees expected be able to develop software in certain subjects after the event. We believe in that we can provide more contribution to our environment and world in this way.

What is content of ADD 2015?

It is planned that the conference will include seminars, workshops, hackathons, panels, funny activities, and networking related to the issues. Furthermore, it is planned to organize ignito talks (2min short talks) and entrepreneurship related contents.

Who are the targeted participants of ADD 2015?

The conference is open to everyone who is related with current technologies, developer, wants to be developer and have an idea about subject. General participant profile includes software/hardware engineers, academicians, students, entrepreneurs and anyone related with area.