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No Android Developer Days for 2016

There is an annoucement again the same time of the year like previous years.

Over the four years, ADD came to a point that was announced in 59 different locations in the world and had more than 2000 attendees coming from more than 15 countries, had rock star speakers and giant technology firms such as Google, Sony, Alcatel, Paypal, Microsoft(Nokia), IBM, Philips, Samsung, HTC etc. supported ADD by sponsoring the event.

To sum up, ADD accomplished its mission by being useful for attendees for free and showing that usual people can do unusual things if they are together. In addition, organization team is emotionally and physically really tired so it should be told that there is no ADD for 2016. We hope it will be born from its ashes one day. What left from ADD are memories, friendships, inspiration and here are some photos of ADD 2015 and ADD 2014 if you want to look at

Behalf of Organization Team
October 20, 2015